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Rights Availability Application

RightsLogic has the most sophisticated reporting of any system on the market. It comes complete with our Rights Catologue including holdback, exclusivity, restrictions, and obligations.






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Quickly and easily identify content available for use or sale: what media assets you own; how, when and where you can use them

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Identifies partial clearances and other obstacles for otherwise available rights, permitting users to clear path to sale or use

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Readily answers Sales Manager’s most urgent concern: “Can I do the Deal?”

Rights Catalogue

Common Rights Report

Identifies the intersection of common rights among multiple properties to help users create content packages based on criteria such as territory, distribution platform or format.

Net Rights Report

This report goes a step further than the Common Rights Report and deducts any exclusive rights sub-licensed to 3rd parties.  Note: available only to those using both Rights In & Rights Out modules.

Common Rights 01

CPR 01

Cross Platform Reports

Cross Platform Reports track usage and revenues across all media platforms (Linear, On Demand, Digital and Mobile).  They identify untapped and underutilized revenue streams, top and bottom performers based on revenue or views, highlight trends and patterns and monitor content ROI throughout its lifecycle.

Report Builder

Create custom reports using this fully integrated business intelligence reporting tool.  The Report Builder makes creating cross-tab reports, charts and other reporting presentations easy and fun.  With cross-browser support and availability on devices such as an iPad, you can easily view, share or schedule customized reports for distribution via email.

CPL Report

Rights Window Illustrator 01

Rights Window Illustrator

Visualizes all rights windows, exclusivity, holdbacks and restrictions in graphical charts making it far easier to interpret complex rights across a variety of assets and deals.