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Measuring Effectiveness

Unlike traditional systems that measure only reach and frequency, Media Mantra's Promo Optimization uses three critical measures to gauge the success of a promo campaign:



Promo Opt Icons 01


Both unaided &

Promo Opt Icons 02


Whether or not viewers
tune in to the show

Promo Opt Icons 03


Whether or not viewers keep
watching the show

Media Mantra's Promo Optimization

Media Mantra’s advanced Promo Optimization technology goes far beyond outdated Frequency + Reach approaches. It increases audience size and engagement by attracting viewers and building audience loyalty. It uses multiple data flows to evaluate behavior and interest, and discern conversion potential.

Media Mantra's Promo Optimization tools identify when, where, and how often to promote upcoming shows for optimal influence on the viewer. It identifies which programs make the best “host” programs for promos. It even tracks “halo effects”: how well an audience carries over from a promoted show to the following one. It discerns how promotions affect network branding. And it calculates an opportunity-cost/benefits analysis for each promo spot.   

By using analytics to identify and target the right viewers, marketers can build their awareness and reinforce desire with key constituencies. They can increase their overall ‘viewing happiness,’ which builds brand loyalty for the network. By not showing promos to less interested viewers, it cuts waste and avoids viewer disaffection.

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