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AdVant Toolkit

Ad Sales executives use the Advant Toolkit to make better decisions quickly and easily. It’s descriptive at-a-glance dashboards are intuitive and insightful.


Trends Tracker

Network spending trends of agencies, advertisers, brands, and product categories.


Live Inventory

Up to the minute view of avails and video inventory across every platform.


What If's

Allows users immediately see the impact of adjusting a variety of options.


Pricing Guide

Offers guidance to keep departments on budget and to hit target thresholds.

AdVant Log Optimization

Leading Ad Ops groups use Advant to bring campaigns in on target with no under- or over-delivery. This avoids costly makegoods, saving companies $10s of millions in liabilities. It also avoids leaving money on the table by over delivering.

Advant considers myriad complex inputs to calculate perfect ad positions. This includes over 65 complex advertiser constraints, campaign flight schedules, delivery status, guaranteed demos, campaign value, and much more.

We extract the full log information for the network and run it through the AdVant optimization engine. It suggests the most valuable moves to make on the log, reducing liability and bringing the campaign in as promised.

It’s not just theory. We demonstrate the actual liability reduction, comparing the “before” and final logs, using C3.

Plan 01

AdVant Planning Optimization

Expertly generates plans across requested platforms that meet advertisers’ complex goals and requirements. Our advanced optimization algorithms use just the right inventory, satisfying clients and boosting ad sales revenues.

AdVant Cross Platform Reporting

Keeping tabs on where the marketplace is shifting is always a challenge, even the marketplace on your own network.  Having the ability to quickly view your own historical data for the clients you service is a huge advantage to predicting budgets.   Advant’s Spending Trends Tracker extracts past sales data for any individual advertiser, agency, category, etc. on your network.  We then provide an easy-to-read Spending Trends Tracking report for review. 

Cross Platform deals are becoming commonplace.  Tracking delivery impressions for a deal with separate guarantees for Linear, VOD and Online (as just one example) is a very manual process, subject to human error.   Our Cross Platform Impressions Report pulls delivery information on all platforms and creates an overall delivery report, which allows for easy management of deals for which impressions are received from multiple platforms.


AdVant Video Inventory Manager

To accurately forecast revenues, managers need to know their video inventory, in as close to real-time as possible. Advant lets users consider both historical inventory and up-to-the minute sales data, including inventory pressure. They can then input anticipated marketplace changes and run multiple scenarios in minutes, not hours. Now, as scatter business comes in, managers can strategically price and manage their remaining inventory to maximize revenues.