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RSG Analytics Managed Services

Over the past three decades, RSG has delivered customized strategic development services to leading firms to help them maximize revenues and minimize risk.




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contract ingestion

Entering contracts into a system isn’t difficult. The challenge comes in analyzing and understanding each contract. We have an expert team of lawyers, paralegals and industry specialists who will read contracts, figure out what each contract entails and inputs each contract into the system. We also help you monetize those contracts by calculating which content and on which channels will make the most money for you.

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Royalties Processing

Processing royalties from content is not simple. As a programmer or licensor, you collect royalties and then you have to pay others out of those royalties. We handle Advances, Guarantees, Revenue Reporting, Validation, Grants, Cross Collateralization and all other facets of royalties.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Any organization that finds RSG Media’s solutions attractive but doesn’t have the resources, time or inclination to implement and manage them can contract with us to perform platform business process outsourcing (BPO). We have the knowledge, the experts and the resources to implement and manage a RSG solution deployment on any scale to meet any objective.

RSG Media's Professional Consulting Services

The Analytics team is here to support you every step of the way with our professional consulting services

Our consulting service team can help you with troubleshooting and IT rescue as well as deal interpretation, analysis and contract entry. In addition to providing business analysis, we offer professional assistance in program governance, project management and reporting & analytics.

RSG Media's Professional Consulting Services team can also help you navigate evolving architecture and system integration, as well as safeguarding data cleansing and migration. As always, our goal for you is to unlock a better relationship with your data.

Services training

RSG Analytics Partner Training

We train and certify select partners to join us as the world’s leading authorities on rights management. We demonstrate how RightsLogic encapsulates industry leading best practices, discuss different approaches and help you bring extraordinary value to your clients.
We offer technical certification for your implementation team.


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RSG Analytics Help Desk

If you need technical help with one of RSG Medias Analytics Solutions, the Analytics Help Desk is here for you.

We supply our clients with 24/7 access to one of our technical specialists.  Within a few minutes we can give you solutions and insights required to solve your dilemma.

If you have a problem, the Analytics Help Desk will solve it.  Call the number and the Technical Specialist will resolve it.