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Using the latest advancements in operations research, RSG developed a solution that address's the entire as sales & promotions lifecycle.


To meet the demand of more acute reporting requirements we build both Business Analytics Workbench tools and the Report Builder for maximum ROI-driven business intelligence.


RSG's data aggregation tool provides companies with actionable information on content availability, usage, revenue, and royalties across all platforms.

Who Needs RSG Analytics?

RSG Media has developed a suite of solutions to address your needs

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Using the latest advances in operations research, RSG Media has developed a suite of modules that address the entire ad sales and promotions lifecyce.  The results impress.  AdVant lifts networks revenues by millions of dollars without any changes to program or ratings.  AdVant even ads revenue to networks already using other optimization systems.

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Media Mantra's advanced Promo Optimization technology goes far beyond outdated Frequency + Reach approaches. It increases audience size and engagement by attracting viewers and building audience loyalty. It uses multiple data flows to evaluate behavior and interest, and discern conversion potential.

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We combine data from every available source and tame it so that you can use it. We provide drilldowns to, and roll-ups from the most granular levels, and let you quickly expose high-value opportunities. Because the system is automated, the results are timely and accurate. Because it learns, the more you use it, the better the results.

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Rights Restrictions And Obligations 05 Rights, Restrictions, & Obligations

Every RightsLogic module comes with intuitive canned reports, but to meet more acute reporting requirements we offer both Business Analytics Workbench tools and the Report Builder for maximum ROI-driven busness intelligence.

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Media Mantra

Everyone is swimming in data. Big Data was supposed to be the silver bullet. Yet, for most, the results are murky at best. This is where RSG Media helps. We understand that big data is not enough. We transform that data into actionable information and then into knowledge.

Analytics with Advant and Media Mantra 






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We bring multiple data streams together from internal and external data-sources, giving our clients at-a-glance dashboards and unique situational insight into their position at every point of the media lifecycle.


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We help our clients see around corners and plan ahead of the curve. Sophisticated algorithms discern nascent trends and spotlight emerging opportunities.

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Our proprietary AdVant and Media Mantra solutions add $10s millions to our clients’ bottom lines.